WordPress can be an overwhelming undertaking. This class puts it into an understandable perspective with a schedule I can live with.
Larry K. ,
I really enjoyed coming to this class. Micheal really helped me build my confidence and answered any questions that I had going into this class. I look forward to creating many websites!
Mindy C. ,
Michael is an energetic instructor and experienced with WordPress. The class offered me enough knowledge to enhance and protect my site with important plug-ins.
Cheryl P. ,
I enjoyed the class and learned new things. It definitely made website building less intimidating.
Rosa M. ,
I knew a lot of things coming in that were a part of the first class, but what was great is that I reviewed it and now it is more second nature. A great way for me to jump into wordpress. It was broken down for me simply and I was surprised to see that I was able to construct and have my website “go live” in just a few classes.
Kerrilynn D. ,
I was able to design a graphic design website in WordPress. I have one built in Dreamweaver and wanted to gain experience in WordPress and with Michaels class, I was able to gain the skills needed to get a good head start in WordPress. Take the Class!
Rodger P. ,
This was a great starter class to get a WordPress site up and running!
Karen S. ,